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Newsday - An Update on CHIME, Transcarent, and What’s Next for VMware

March 29, 2021: Frank Nydam, the VP of Healthcare at VMware joins Bill for the news. The CHIME Spring Forum is coming up. Future Vision for Health & Care: What’s Coming Over the Horizon? Post-COVID Trends Shaping Healthcare. Putting Patient Experience at the Heart of Healthcare. What goes into the planning of virtual events like this? And what is the future of these kinds of conferences? What is all the hype around the concierge medicine startup Transcarent? How should health systems be preparing for the future of hospital at home? Have consumer habits changed enough that we're going to see a shift in how care is delivered post Covid? Microsoft did a study on people working remotely. Are they thriving or surviving? Big companies are wrestling with their hybrid work plans. 

Key Points:

  • With Transcarent, Glen Tullman and General Catalyst’s Hemant Taneja are applying the Livongo playbook to the employer-sponsored healthcare system [00:14:05
  • The big winner of really moving forward is behavioral health and mental health via telehealth [00:25:55]
  • A Microsoft study finds 41% of workers may quit this year. The big complaint is being overworked. [00:28:55
  • A mix of office and remote work brings new hurdles [00:32:35]
  • The hybrid work model opens you up to a new diverse set of talent [00:33:15]
  • Transcarent 
  • VMware 


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