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May 10, 2021: Mari Savickis, Vice President, Public Policy at CHIME joins Bill for the news today to discuss the hot topics of telehealth, interoperability and cybersecurity. Telehealth is video visits, video consults and remote patient monitoring. Each one has its use cases. Each one has its application. It raises the questions of access and equity but also what kind of pricing models need to be looked at? What is the regulatory future for telehealth? There are interoperability issues that are systemic to our overall healthcare system. How do we maintain high quality and value with fee for service? Which health systems business models should we be looking at to replicate? And is cybersecurity considered a national threat? What role should the federal government play? 

Key Points:

  • We need some sort of federal cyber rescue plan [00:09:05
  • There’s a lot of different views on what the future of telehealth should be [00:24:55
  • Medicare technology services can help with inequity in digital health [00:31:00
  • These are issues that are systemic to our overall healthcare system [00:37:12]



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