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Newsday – A Rundown of Patient Experience and Stories from HIMSS with David Bensema

September 7, 2021: David Bensema joins Bill for the news. Health systems need to give patients an outstanding and consistent patient experience. Banner Health has reimagined the care model but can it compete with other consumer choices? What did a Henry Ford exec learn from Hyatt and MSNBC about consumer preferences? Zoom's head of healthcare talks about the future of telemedicine and OIG officials take aim at telehealth fraud schemes to ensure virtual care is provided with integrity.

Key Points:

  • 50% of pilots are stuck. They're not moving forward. [00:10:30]
  • Is telehealth the modern day house call? [00:14:07
  • Why aren’t health systems attacking the community health issue of diabetes? [00:25:15]
  • Health systems have to build their brand and they have to be conscious of their brand. And quality has to be first and foremost. [00:50:26]



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