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January 4, 2021: What are health leaders predicting for 2021? Welcome to a future where the patient, not the site of care is at the center. This is healthcare's Amazon moment. Can you provide a seamless patient experience? Keep up or you could end up out of business. COVID-19 has reshaped our technology culture and policy. What used to take a decade can now be done in days. Look out because 2030 is going to arrive in 2021. Plus what my incredible father-in-law taught me about life … and healthcare.

Key Points:

  • Looking from the patient perspective and the family perspective helps us to see how our work is really impacting people [00:11:35
  • Simplify. Modernize. Innovate. [00:14:50
  • Walmart’s retail exposure in remote communities enables it to scale developing markets, lower consumer healthcare costs and expand access to primary and urgent care [00:21:10]
  • It’s important for the healthcare industry to recognize that AI algorithms trained on insufficiently diverse data can lead to AI bias [00:23:15
  • We know that social determinants of health play a critical role in health outcomes [00:25:05
  • Have systems really thought through building and maintaining culture across a virtual environment? [00:30:35
  • Focus was the key word in 2020. In 2021, our focus will get even more fine tuned. [00:32:00
  • One of the most helpful technologies to engage patients on their journey is the use of real time information [00:32:15



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