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December 8, 2020: AWS is a tightly run ship but at the end of the day, it's still technology. It's still software. It's still processes and there WILL be outages. Does your health system have any mission critical workloads on AWS? What are your expectations of a cloud provider? What is your uptime performance thus far? Imprivata acquires FairWarning. Google Cloud introduces a new program to help with 21st Century Cures API regs. The Ohio Department of Health COVID 19 data has been skewed by technical issues related to lab reporting. How good or bad are public health data systems at the state level? Why don't we have interoperability in healthcare? A wave of damaging cyber attacks on hospitals have upended the lives of patients. It’s important to understand the human aspect of your cybersecurity budget. And there's an awful lot of logistics to be done around this vaccine. Who gets it now? How will you market it? How will you track it? 

Key Points:

  • 21st century cures information blocking rules are set for April 5th, 2021 and API functionality on December 31st, 2022 [00:11:25
  • This whole idea of ingesting, transforming, harmonizing and storing your data to the latest FHIR formats is a huge deal [00:13:00
  • The Imprivata FairWarning acquisition is a really good partnership for healthcare [00:20:50
  • Who gets the vaccine now? [00:25:25
  • Amazon brings macOS to cloud in a boost to Apple app developers [00:30:10



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