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December 1, 2020: The vaccine is coming. It's coming fast and furious. How will it be distributed? Will it be mandatory? Who gets it first? How will we market it? How can we track it? One thing is for sure, it’s going to be an interesting debate. Amazon pharmacy pricing versus GoodRx pricing. Which do you think is lower? CMS made some stark law changes. We know they’ll protect against fraud and self-dealing but will they help boost value based care? What does it look like to respond to the next pandemic? We know data is important. We know tracking is important. We know PPE is important. There's a whole bunch of solutions but how do we make them national? And what does the data and technology infrastructure look like at the state level around public health? How challenging was it to connect to your local state? Were they able to receive the data you were sending them? What was the interaction like? How advanced is their technology?

Key Points:

  • Did you ever wonder what your information is worth on the dark web? [00:04:20
  • Why would people want to steal medical records? [00:06:02
  • CMS interoperability and patient access final rule compliance is right around the corner [00:12:51]
  • The Ohio Department of Health's COVID-19 data has been skewed by technical issues related to lab reporting [00:24:00
  • AWS resumed operations after hours of outage [00:26:25
  • Novant Health, UNC Health and UNC School of Medicine announce partnership across North Carolina with a focus on finding innovative solutions to enhance care in rural areas [00:26:45
  • COVID-19 vaccine distribution [00:27:25



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