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December 15, 2020: Drex DeFord and Bill are at your service. What predictions do they have for 2021? Will AI go to town? AI in the pharma space, AI automation around communication, AI robotic process automation. Will there be so much AI that people are going to say, I'm tired of hearing about AI? How will Providence bring back remote employees? Is 5G's day in the sun still a couple of years away? It’s the starting gate for the vaccine distribution. We know healthcare workers, frontline responders and long-term care facility individuals get the shot first. Who gets it after that? How will we track the immunity? And SpaceX's first high-altitude Starship test could happen as soon as today. 

Key Points:

  • It might be the most important vaccine that you will ever take in your entire life [00:06:25
  • You're going to need a queuing mechanism to let people know they can get the vaccine. Either digital queuing or email or text. Maybe even a fax. [00:11:55]
  • The paper vaccine passport is worrisome because it gets into the fraudulent activity space [00:21:30
  • Vaccine logistics are super complicated. Even simple things like the glass vial problem. [00:25:50
  • Providence released their strategy to bring back remote workers. It will modernize how employees work in public health post the public health crisis [00:31:35



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