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News Day - The Disintermediation of Health Providers

July 14, 2020: Big news today. We discuss CommonSpirit’s new partnership plus a major industry first, Walmart and Village MD have big plans to open almost 700 full service doctor's offices. We look at the Oliver Wyman paper on six future health system archetypes. And is digital health the leading future modality? Does that mean we all get our very own da Vinci in our homes? Tune in to find out as Bill breaks down each of the seven modalities, Urgent Care, Primary Care, Diagnostics and Pharmacy Specialty Care, Procedure and Surgeries, Acute Care, Post Acute Care and Navigation and Guidance.

Key Points:

  • CommonSpirit strikes partnership to offer direct-to-employer primary care [00:04:15
  • The most important aspect of your model should be technology agility [00:06:20
  • Why is Amazon feared in healthcare? [00:10:30
  • And why is Apple even in the conversation of healthcare? [00:10:35
  • Check out Bill’s List - the current rank order of how things get prioritized in healthcare. Do you agree with him? [00:13:55
  • Oliver Wyman’s paper about the six future health system archetypes [00:17:35
  • Is digital health the leading future modality? [00:23:45


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