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News Day - Telehealth, 5G, National Patient ID

July 7, 2020: Welcome to another episode of Tuesday Newsday. Joining us is Drex DeFord to discuss a gaggle of telehealth stories, cybersecurity, 5G and more. What kinds of human errors cause cyber attacks? What is the Wall of Shame? And what did Apple just announce? We also cover security issues of the cloud, intelligent design architecture and creating a secure national patient identifier. A show not to be missed.

Key Points:

  • Drex’s Top 50 Over 50 [00:03:05]
  • The future of telehealth reimbursement [00:10:30
  • Apple announces Mac transition to Apple silicon [00:18:00]
  • Is 5G really the answer for everything? [00:24:27]
  • The complication of making findings on Cyber attacks public [00:28:25]
  • What is the Wall of Shame? [00:32:40]
  • Intelligent design architecture can save us from hackers [00:35:25


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