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May 5, 2020: Welcome back to another Tuesday Newsday! After all of the COVID episodes we have published recently, we would love to hear from you, email us with the biggest challenges that have been present in your work. We will go through those on next week's show so send in them in as soon as you can! In today's business we look at a few important stories that touch on the current state of the pandemic but more so on what comes next. The first topic is the future of

enterprise software and what it might look like in the coming months. Bill reads through a few thoughts on this, talking about automation, expenses and more. With so much changing in such a short period of time there is sure to be a whole of movement with the tech sector as some companies will disappear, some will step up and some will shift. This will impact the health world in many ways and we look at a few examples. Cerner and AWS' well-publicized partnership has taken on new meaning with them announcing their joint effort to useable data for researches on the COVID-19 pandemic and Bill looks at the story that explains this. The rest of the episode is used to look at declines in outpatient visits, perceptions of safety at hospitals, struggling hospitals and how health centers can try to prioritize new and existing projects in a post-COVID scenario.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What is the biggest challenge that you or your health system is facing right now? We want to
  • know!
  • The looming changes in enterprise software; perspectives on what is next.
  • More automation suits the customer and should be embraced.
  • Reshuffling and acquisition in the tech market and how this will be felt in healthcare.
  • The work that AWS and Cerner are doing to make COVID-19 data available for researchers.
  • Declines in outpatient visits since the advent of the pandemic.
  • The need to make hospitals places people feel safe visiting after the crisis.
  • How the coronavirus has affected financially struggling hospitals.
  • The list of hospitals who have been forced to furlough staff as a result of the crisis.
  • Healthcare projects that will continue through and after the crisis.
  • A simple framework for prioritizing projects for the short term future.


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