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News Day – Merger Effectiveness, Prescribing Apps and more

January 10, 2020: Welcome to this edition of Tuesday Newsday where we look at as many stories that are going to have an impact on health IT as we can in 23 minutes or less! In today's show, we have eleven exciting stories to cover. We talk telemedicine reaching into space, drones delivering emergency care services, cancer-detecting AI which outperforms humans, and more! Our final talking point is an article about hospital mergers. We cover that piece in some depth because it generated some amazing engagement on LinkedIn. New research has found that the quality of care at hospitals acquired during a recent wave of deal-making in the US either stayed the same and in some instances actually got worse. Get your weekly update of the biggest stories in tech and health today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Challenging the idea of ‘magic hands’ with a telemedicine call reaching from earth to space.
  • New trials involving drones transporting supplies between hospitals in the UK.
  • How Partners HealthCare is helping move treatment out of hospitals and into communities.
  • New cancer-detecting AI that raises questions around AI’s role in healthcare.
  • Developments in Germany involving state sponsorship of digital health apps.
  • What Aaron Piercer is doing for EHRs with his new venture, Vital Software.
  • How CVS Health’s Transform Oncology Care is providing cheaper and more accurate care.
  • A plea to prepare homes more adequately to enable the elderly to die in peace at home.
  • Advances in healthcare cost transparency as New York launches a price comparison website.
  • The necessity to start testing AI more rigorously before implementing it.
  • Quality issues arising from hospital mergers and the need for transparency during them.


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