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April 28, 2020: For this week's Tuesday Newsday segment we are running down the most important articles about the implications of the coronavirus crisis on the healthcare industry. While we are still in the midst of the pandemic, everyone in this field, as with others, should be thinking about what their next steps will be in the period that comes after. Bill looks through the article by Recon Strategy titled 'The day after' and discusses the implications for the sectors of healthcare in the longer term. From there, we move on to 'After the Surge' from Chartis Group and Bill walks through the results and the five imperatives they spell out. A key takeaway from that article is the three stages of crisis response: Reaction, stabilization, and re-imagination, an idea that we at the podcast support whole-heartedly! Next, we turn to a post by Atrium Health about the measures they are taking across their locations to be more COVID-safe and Bill weighs up the efficacy of these before diving into the last article from Fast Company. In it, they get a host of perspectives from an array of industry leaders beyond healthcare. We look at the aptest and Bill zeroes in on the topics of remote work, education in virtual spaces, and digital migration. We finish with some thoughts on what this pandemic might mean to small-business that have traditionally run out of brick and mortar premises and imagine how a transition can be made successfully into a new world. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Recon Strategy's article on the implications for different sectors of healthcare.
  • Uncertainty in the short and long term for hospitals as a result of the coronavirus.
  • Chartis Group's article, 'After the Surge' and the results of the crisis that they list.
  • The five imperatives from the Chartis Group article; recapturing demand, reducing costs and more.
  • Reacting, stabilizing and reimagining; the three phases of crisis response.
  • The COVID-safe measures that have been taken by Atrium Health across all locations. 
  • Marketing and management aspects of healthcare that all systems should be thinking about now! 
  • Fast Company's list of the things that COVID-19 will change forever.
  • Remote work, digital migration and virtual education after the pandemic.
  • How quantum computing might help us prevent and prepare for another pandemic. 
  • The implications of the coronavirus for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


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