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News Day - HHS Redirect Sends Twitter into a Tizzy

July 21, 2020: Today on Tuesday News Day, the White House directs hospitals to bypass the CDC for COVID-19 data reporting. Why is that a big deal? Bill uncovers working from home statistics using a fascinating daily infographic source. How do you coalesce the advances that we've seen during COVID? How do you find your champions and really keep them moving internally? What do you have to do for your platform? What do you have to do for your training? We also talk about the ONC final rule. The compliance clock is ticking. All this and more.

Key Points:

  • White House directs hospitals to bypass CDC for COVID-19 data reporting [00:02:56
  • Exclusive info direct from the AHA bulletin sent to hospitals [00:03:28]
  • Now there’s two options for reporting data to state health departments [00:04:32
  • Access to CDC and HHS data, what’s the difference? [00:08:12]
  • Health Affairs article “Early Impact of CMS Expansion of Medicine Telehealth during COVID-19”. [00:11:32
  • Is it maximizing revenue or fraud? [00:22:00
  • Health Catalyst announce agreement to acquire Health Finch [00:23:35
  • What is the future of remote work? [00:25:04]
  • Deep dive into infographics [00:29:00


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