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February 17, 2020: Recently, Bill’s 87-year-old father in law came down with pneumonia and he and his wife had to take him to the hospital. While they received great care at both hospitals that they went to, there were some observations that Bill made which he shares today. As Bill’s father in law had recently moved from Pennsylvania, his records were on the system there and he thought he would be able to access them in California. Despite both using Epic, the hospital in California was unable to access his records. Bill later found out that this was a training issue and not a system one. Other observations Bill made also included duplicate X-rays and continual patient questioning which meant that his father-in-law did not get the sleep he needed. Bill also shares some of the reactions that he got from his post on LinkedIn about his 72-hour medical incident. These responses range from, ‘I’ve been there,’ to ones with a call to action and even ones which talk about who’s to blame. Bill weighs in on these and reiterates that all the work to improve interoperability must always put the patient first. Be sure not to miss out today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • More about Bill’s father in-law, the state of his medical records, and symptoms of his illness.
  • Bill’s LinkedIn and Twitter post after the doctors could not find his father in law’s records.
  • Find out more about the doctor and nurse practitioner’s frustration at the new Epic system.
  • Why Bill’s father in law was moved to another hospital and what happened there.
  • Important lessons that Bill took away from his 72-hour healthcare experience.
  • How the situation could have unfolded with effective interoperability.
  • The 'I’ve been here’ reactions on LinkedIn to Bill’s post.
  • Some of the call to action responses that Bill received and his take on them.
  • ‘How did we get here?’: More LinkedIn post responses.
  • Learn about some of the constructive solutions that LinkedIn responses offered.
  • The data quality problem: Responses and Bill’s takeaways.
  • Who's to blame for this problem? It’s not only Judy Faulkner!
  • We need to put competitive business thinking aside and focus on the patients once more.
  • Find out what it would take to make patient-centric interoperability a reality.


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