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April 14, 2020: It's Tuesday Newsday again! We take this opportunity to round up a few topics as we continue our heavy load of coronavirus content. Bill takes a look at the United States of Care's city-level response to COVID-19 and shares a few interesting think-pieces on the subject as well as asking a few of the top-of-mind questions on what the world may look like after the pandemic. The impact of this disaster is clear but the lasting effects are not yet apparent. So much has been learned and fast-tracked during the last two months, with the healthcare sector being at the center of this. From the explosion of telehealth and other adjacent measures to the need to adapt to the dangers that we have now witnessed, it is hard to imagine institutions returning to certain systems. We are much more likely to witness a new-normal but what that will be remains to be seen! Bill voices some of these questions, raising some of the most pertinent ideas in relation to healthcare and technology, so tune in to catch it all! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A quick post-COVID-19 healthcare discussion and what we have learned. 
  • The growth of different areas and applications of telehealth during this pandemic. 
  • Venues, facilities and online resources; so much rapid change so quickly!
  • Improved communications and successful measures that were not thought possible. 
  • What the world of healthcare might look like post-COVID-19.
  • Who might be coming out of this pandemic cash-rich?
  • The playbook and case study of the New York City COVID-19 coalition. 
  • Weighing the pros and cons of staying quarantined and ending the stay-at-home period. 


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