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June 30, 2020: Welcome to another episode of Tuesday Newsday. Today Dr. Mark Weisman, creator of the CMIO podcast joins host Bill Russell for a back to back presentation of the latest news impacting health IT. CMS announced big news in burden reduction for doctors and as Dr Weisman points out, with less regulation there’s many more valuable things that doctors can be doing with their time. Bill discusses the cloud’s most recent digital transformations. Dr. Weisman sheds light on a phenomenal patient portal-based, self-triage and self-scheduling tool that was designed and implemented in under 2 weeks! Tune in for the results. And find out which technologies really took a big leap forward during COVID.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • CMS announce the creation of the Office of Burden Reduction and Health Informatics.
  • The new sophistication of ER charts - what else can we see?
  • A revolutionary patient portal-based self-triage and self-scheduling tool can be developed at lightning speed.
  • The promising future of conversational AI in healthcare.
  • Bill shares his new favorite word “nudge” and what it means in AI.
  • Did you know tele-health can literally be done in the ED?
  • How do we make places safer to give people more peace of mind?
  • Mark shares ideas for improving broadband connectivity issues in rural areas so no one gets left behind
  • Should nurses be allowed to refill prescriptions?
  • New legislature in Idaho making it even easier for healthcare providers to engage in telehealth services.


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