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October 27 2020: Who will lead telehealth in your health system? Is there a perfect point person? What strategies are health systems utilizing to move beyond the four walls of the hospital? What are the unintended consequences of remote work? What will it take to bring people back? We explore the hybrid work model versus working from home. How do we get better at automation? And better at efficiency? How can we utilize tools that are not as labor intensive? How do we get better at management structures within IT so that we can create margin and capacity? Focus and funding is the answer. We saw that during COVID. We got so much done when we were laser focused and funded. 

Key Points:

  • CMS requires reporting on COVID and the flu [00:04:45
  • BayCare Health System and Tampa International Airport announced the launch of the country's first airport testing pilot [00:07:30
  • What does it look like to get back to work? What is a safe work environment? [00:08:33
  • CMS will now pay for certain cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services [00:21:35
  • Children's Hospital Los Angeles launches 26-hospital pediatric digital innovation accelerator [00:22:35
  • Mayo ramping Google partnership back up and plans to open AI factory [00:23:50
  • We often joke that most health visits start with Dr. Google [00:27:03



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