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August 11, 2020: Welcome to News Day. Epic takes heat from employees and adjusts their course. HIMSS announces new dates. Unique patient ID chaos and compliance, and telehealth is here to stay. Plus how are we going to bring back our work from home employees? Will it be voluntary? What will we do if people refuse to come back?

Key Points:

  • Brigham reports 12% loss in margin amid patient care drought [00:04:30]
  • Trump orders to defund Medicare [00:07:00]
  • Rethinking ED waiting rooms in response to COVID-19 [00:09:00
  • Emergency department visits continue to lag post COVID [00:09:30]
  • Why would you sit in a waiting room full of sick people to go see a doctor? [00:09:50]
  • VA resums rollout of $16 billion Cerner EHR project [00:12:00]
  • Unique patient identifier [00:22:30]

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