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November 24, 2020: Amazon finally opened their online pharmacy which has caused some interesting ripples in the industry. Moderna’s vaccine could be ready as early as December. Are you ready for your vaccine rollout plan? What's your plan for distribution? What's your plan for tracking? Six health system CIOs have retired this year. How important is the role of the CIO today? Should it be merged with the Chief Innovation Officer role? CVS is offering contactless payment, Zoom reached a settlement and the FCC opens applications for a hundred million dollar telehealth pilot. And which 7 characteristics do highly successful digital leaders possess? 

Key Points:

  • Moderna's vaccine found to be nearly 95% effective in preliminary analysis [00:03:45]
  • The vaccine is a precious argument for why you need a national patient identifier [00:06:30
  • CVS are offering contactless payment options; PayPal, Venmo, QR codes etc. [00:10:00
  • Six health system CEOs have retired this year [00:14:30
  • Do I use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Meetings or GoToMeeting? [00:22:58]
  • Highly Successful Digital Leaders Possess 7 Characteristics [00:23:30
  • Why should hospitals have a Chief Imitation Officer? [00:25:35
  • FCC opens applications to distribute 100 million dollars to help with broadband costs related to bringing telehealth to low-income Americans and veterans [00:31:10]



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