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News Day – A Formula for Health Tech Startup Success

June 2, 2020: We're back with another Tuesday News Day! There’s a lot to talk about today as we look at a variety of news stories. For starters, we look at a Becker story about Optum buying naviHealth along with Dr. Eric Bricker’s analysis of naviHealth’s excellent business model. There’s a lesson here for health startups looking to emulate naviHealth’s success. After touching on why Americans are delaying medical care, we explore an article from The Wire China that details how and why American hospitals are expanding into China. As a strategy for diversifying their revenue streams, this article reveals the need for CMIOs to understand different regions if they want to expand their health brands. After China, we return to American soil where we look at how CMIOs in Philadelphia used the same EMR vendor system to share data in four key areas. This article, published in Healthcare Innovations, outlines a model of collaboration between health systems that results in better problem solving ability. Briefly, we look at why Keiser Permanente is considering building its own LTE network and why 5G isn’t the only answer before ending on a Network World article on why the digital divide is a huge challenge for telehealth. Listen as we share the latest from the world of health IT. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Bill details naviHealth’s history and business evaluation.
  • Dr. Bricker’s analysis of why naviHealth is successful.
  • What healthcare startups can learn from Nava Health’s business model. 
  • Why a good business model trumps good software. 
  • Half of Americans have postponed medical care due to COVID-19.
  • Why public campaigns are needed to reset patient inflow and restore revenue streams. 
  • How American hospitals are diversifying into the Chinese market.
  • The increased need for tech leaders to understand different regions and health markets.
  • How Philadelphia health systems have collaborated during the pandemic.
  • Why health system collaboration betters medical problem solving.   
  • How CMIOs are positioned to facilitate collaboration; it requires tech knowledge. 
  • The reasons that Keiser Permanente is considering building its own LTE network.
  • Despite the hype for 5G, CMIOs need to consider other tech solutions.
  • The state of the digital divide and its effect on telehealth. 
  • Why low-tech solutions are needed to provide greater telehealth coverage.


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