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What IT improvements are needed to expedite vaccine rollout? Great list from these 5 CIOs. This got me to thinking, what would this look like if Amazon was running the vaccine distribution?

From the article:

1. Analytics to identify the correct population at the correct time.

2. Scheduling for first and second doses with touchless checkin,

3. Outreach for reminders to capture more second doses

4. Automated education in all languages

5. Reporting to government entities.


Now Amazon

The project would start with a premise that is supported by data science. A short paper would be written and circulated on what success would look like. A headline in that paper might read, "100M people vaccinated in 100 days".

Analysis would identify three groups of people. People we have information on, people we don't, and people who we can influence. The people we can influence buy from us often, they are prime members. Now we layer that into the CDC guidelines, locations and vaccine availability. Does the math support the project headline? Assume yes, now develop the action plans.

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