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When you combine these trends the pace of change in every industry over the next decade is going to be incredible.

McKinsey released their top tech trends across all industries.

Cross Industry

1. Next Level Process Automation - Industrial IoT, Robotics, RPA

2. Future of Connectivity - 5G and IoT Connectivity

3. Distributed Infrastructure - Cloud and Edge Computing

4. Next Generation Computing - Quantum Computing

5. Applied AI - Computer Vision, NLP, and Speech tech

6. Future of Programming - Software 2.0, Machines writing Applications

7. Trust Architecture - Zero Trust, Blockchain

Industry Specific

1. Bio Revolution - Biomolecules, omics, biosystems

2. Next-generation materials - Nanomaterials, graphene and 2-D materials

3. Future of Clean Technologies - Nuclear fusion, Smart Distribution, Battery and Power Storage

I'm sure every generation said this before us but the possibilities in our future is limitless.

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