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Let's pretend that healthcare is a consumer business. What do we want from a healthcare provider?

I'm an employer who offers insurance to my staff. Here is what I think would be interesting. A Health Partner. Someone that can provide me access to a clinician 7x24x365 via telehealth within 60 minutes with escalated service available. I want someone that is going to actually put my medical record to work for me and take in additional data from whatever devices we determine make the most sense for me and my health goals. I want to know it is being reviewed and put to work for me. It can be machines that is culling the information but in the end I want a clinical partner who is looking at it and making sense of it for me. There are other things but this is what I'm fixated on today.

I love what Mayo Clinic is doing. They are paving the way for a future where I'm finally being monitored more than my car. The data is being reviewed by sophisticated algorithms with integration into the workflow. These are the foundational elements for a truly consumer centric health experience. IMHO.

What do you want from your healthcare provider? 

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