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Maximizing EHR Potential, MyChart, and Interoperability with Epic VP of Patient Experience

April 2, 2021: Patients relied heavily on virtual tools to connect with providers throughout the pandemic. A single click to a doctor is the holy grail. So is having access and control over your data. Our guest today is Sean Bina, VP of Access and Patient Experience for Epic. What role does MyChart play in this virtual care world? How is Epic working with the innovation community to optimise patient experience? What is their role in the vaccination effort? How has Epic been working with clients to streamline vaccine scheduling? What about interoperability? How can healthcare information be connected across health systems, retail pharmacies and statewide registries? Sean and Bill also dive deep into remote monitoring, telehealth, 21st Century Cures, MyChart Care Companion, Epic Health Research Network and the Vaccine Credential Initiative.

Key Points:

  • The hurdles for becoming a MyChart user are much fewer and easier to get over than ever before [00:07:40
  • In a study around remote monitoring of their hypertensive patients, Oschner saw a 40% increase in the number of patients that were meeting their goals. That’s a huge reduction in readmissions. [00:13:20
  • As the FHIR standard continues to develop and grow it's becoming even easier for Epic to make connections to third parties and other vendors [00:17:35
  • Epic is helping to establish privacy standards to make sure the goal of 21st Century Cures is achieved [00:24:35
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  • MyChart
  • MyChart Bedside 
  • Epic Health Research Network


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