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Mapping Amazon Care's Next Move Based on History

History reveals the next move for Amazon Care.  

I read some research by Chilimark yesterday that would be spot on if Amazon Care was going direct to consumer. Here are some of their findings.


  • Today, Amazon Care is surprisingly limited. To really dominate the space, Amazon needs to take a cue from Teladoc and other virtual care platforms offering comprehensive remote monitoring and health coaching.
  • Amazon is betting consumer experience will be enough to bring in users. 
  • The telehealth bubble is popping, and that’s good. The investments and valuations driven by COVID and 2020 telehealth volume were overheated. If visit volumes really did peak last summer and continue to decline closer to our predicted baseline of ~20 percent of all visits, telehealth is going to be a tough, crowded market by this summer. 


I don't believe that retail is the model they are following. I believe it is the model for AWS which I talk about on Today in Health IT.

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