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April 23, 2021: What’s the difference between IT in banking and IT in healthcare? Meet Andrew Cooper, Executive Director of IT for NCH Healthcare System who shares how he went from a financial career to his current position. His number one project is moving the EHR from Cerner to Epic. It can be hard. It can be painful but it will set you up for long-term success. What is the challenge of trying to stay as true to foundation as possible? Or do you need to try and customize all the time? What is the key to putting together the best team to ensure a successful project? How do you keep your staff trained and engaged?

Key Points:

  • There's a case to be made that you should be able to run a hospital with as close to a standard build as possible [00:14:30
  • If we can't share information freely in the community and with other healthcare organizations then there’s no point in doing the EHR [00:22:25
  • We’re doing the conversion with a full enterprise archival platform. All of our legacy systems will move into that. [00:24:09
  • The list of requests we got during COVID was so long but my team was able to come up with something to support every single request [00:32:20
  • We were paralyzed during COVID and had to custom build everything because we had customized our environment so much [00:36:00
  • NCH Healthcare System


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