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RPA represents a significant opportunity to drive a higher level of automation in healthcare.  That automation can take mundane tasks and increase the accuracy and efficiency of the process by an order of magnitude while freeing up staff to focus on higher order tasks.

Once you adopt RPA the next step will be to open up the organization to the citizen programmer.  The word programmer in the traditional sense is probably not entirely accurate but it will be process owners creating workflows for computers to carry out using tools that are not that disimilar to Microsoft Visio.  This unlocks and democratizes the power of RPA.  This will bring about new solutions faster and with more frequency.  The CIO has to steward this process or risk quality and supportability.  The platform should have the right frameworks and guardrails for security and error checking along the way.  

The citizen programmer.  This isn't new to us.  We have physician builder programs, which are similar in their concept.  This has been a wildly successful program for many health systems and the low code movement further moves the power to those who know the  work the best.

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