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August 6, 2021: At a global level, people should have a right to their privacy, to their data access and to control and protection over their data. But when we put the medical record in the hands of the consumer, of the patient, of the individual, they're going to have a lot of questions. How do we equip them to be able to handle it? Jim St. Clair, Chief Trust Officer at Lumedic explains patient centric interoperability and why it’s so important. Why should providers pursue it? What are the challenges with getting to where we want with patient driven interoperability? And what use cases are we going to enable?

Key Points:

  • 49 out of 50 states still own patient information in the EHR [00:03:20
  • Cryptographic trust mechanisms [00:16:25
  • Social determinants are one of the biggest arguments for needing a system above the EHR [00:17:15
  • Self sovereign identity architecture [00:21:05
  • Lumedic 


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