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Telehealth is here to stay. No kidding. Now let's explore how and where.

A new study of 35M people gives us some insights into where telehealth was used.


- researchers found that virtual care use rates were higher in the most "socially advantaged" neighborhoods versus the least socially advantaged neighborhoods.

- Rates were also higher in states with high rates of COVID-19 during the study and in urban locations. 

- "Age and disease burden appear to be associated with telehealth uptake, with those aged 18 to 49 years and with 2 or more chronic conditions using more telehealth," noted the study.

- Behavioral health encounters were far more likely than medical contacts to take place virtually.

- In addition, people receiving COVID-19 care had substantially increased medical costs, as well as visit rates and telehealth-use rates.


Again, no wildly new findings here. For the time period the use of telehealth went from .3% to 25% of all encounters. This doesn't tell the whole story. Habits have changed. Users on both ends have been exposed. New practices and tools have been explored.

How and Where will telehealth be used.

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