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Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, Providence, Ascension... The list of very large healthcare providers moving to the cloud has just grown. What does this mean?

The cloud has many benefits but the primary benefit is agility. Agility is the ability to move quickly in whatever direction you need to move. This is an emerging concept in #Healthcare IT.


With 12.4 million members and more than 85,000 clinicians, Kaiser Permanente has a lot of incentive to find ways to improve how care delivery works for all of them. Its cloud expansion aims to "deliver relevant digital experiences" for both those groups, enabling more nimble digital innovation. The need to adapt agilely to new patient expectations and new accountable-care imperatives will guide the collaboration with Microsoft and Accenture, according to Kaiser.


Expect more health systems to make this move. But beware of this one mistake... More in Today's Podcast.

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