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Day 2 of JP Morgan Healthcare is in the books. We are exploring the universal themes from Healthcare Providers. 

The Non-profit track is complete with 16 providers presenting to institutional investors. In previous years each health system had a set of growth strategies. We saw global expansion, investment and innovation strategies, new service organizations rising from within and taken out, M&A, low-asset moves into markets among others. #JMPHC21 was about the core.

#COVID made all healthcare focus on and therefore present on their core business. How did you provide care to the communities you serve? Did your supply chain work? How did you operate while keeping your staff safe? How was your communication with the community during the pandemic? How did you utilize technology and digital tools? How did you address civil unrest in your community and in your staff? and How did and will you address health disparities, inequities, and systemic racism?

oh, and did you do all of these things while maintaining a strong balance sheet and operating cash flow.

2020 was a pause for Health System growth. But it revealed which health systems and management teams are ready for growth in 2021 and beyond.

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