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Is it ever acceptable for a hospital to close?

Will we ever allow creative destruction in healthcare or is there a moral imperative to avoid any market forces on hospitals and healthcare?

This story is too long to quote here, but here is the gist.

For profit - bad

Not for profit - good

Private Equity - evil

The victim is Hahnemann hospital

Hahnemann for profit executive leadership - keystone cops at best, incompetent bullies at worse.

The real victim was the impoverished neighborhoods of North Philly.

Closing hospitals - chaotic and morally wrong


I'm just wondering what is worse, receiving care at a place that has been capital starved where parts of the building fall off and onto parked cars, where elevators don't work, and basic equipment isn't maintained or closing that place and having people travel a little more to Jefferson, Temple and Penn.

I realize this is a really big question which begets even more questions. What are your thoughts?

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