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How was the conference? I decided to go to the source. Russ Branzell President and CEO of CHIME and I sit down and talk about the conference. Check it out. Check back later as we drop a few more shows today.


Today and interview and action from the Vive event down here in Miami. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and creator of this week health, a set of channels dedicated to keeping health it staff, current and engaged. We would have thank our show sponsors who are investing in developing the next generation of health leaders, Gordian dynamics, Quill health tau site nuance, Canon medical, and current health.

Check them out at this week. Onto our interview. Alright. 5 20 22. And we're here with Russ. Brynn's out with chive Russ. Thanks for your time. Appreciate it. Glad to be here. Thank you for Russ. , you know, it's, , I love that story from last night, by the way, because I think, I think, I think it's indicative of this conference.

This, this has been a really good conference from, from where I'm sitting, but last night story about the, , the concert and everything. , it's, it's, it's, it's like the, , People missed the party. If, if, if they weren't here, there you go. I appreciate it. Are you going to share any of that story or is it

well, well, no, no.

So we had our final celebration last night, as you often do it, big conferences like this or conferences like this. And, , and so we held it at an event that, that of the facility backs up to the beach here in Miami beach. And so as things were going really well at the, at the, you know, industry. Great,

great concert rate


And it was really going well. But what we didn't realize was as people walked up and down the beach and the surrounding hotels, , maybe more than just a few people gathered on the beach to the point where it was considered by the local friends and the police. It might've been more considered a large crowd.

, and it, by the time we got near the end of the end of the evening, the police finally said, okay, this crowd's getting maybe just a bit too little too big. You might want to shut it down. And they were very nice. We got all. Permits everything there was nothing wrong with what we were doing. They just said, we would appreciate maybe in this a little sooner and, and disperse this very large crowd that's on the beach.

So now we were happy. Everybody, everybody was safe, there was nothing bad about it. It was just, and

I share that story because, , this has a good amount of energy for the first year. You're doing a conference. I've seen some conferences where you go and it's a little sparse. This has, this has really good energy.

Good, good. The, , so the, , China, and then the other thing I would say about it is what people were used to is we did chyme first and then we went to another conference, right? This is really interconnected. I mean, it's, it's really

well, you know, just like healthcare itself, we're rethinking healthcare from his roots.

We did the same thing. And as we previously had some relationship with the organization health and their event, we did a lot of the innovation work with them. It seemed like a natural fit. , they, they operate on a whole different. We're constantly trying to push ourselves in the industry to a whole nother level.

, I've said it a couple of times this week from stage there's rare chances in life where one plus one does not equal two. It equals so much other great number. Now I keep using eight this week. I don't know why it's a random number, but it's that strange place where all of a sudden, everything just starts to click.

It says symbionic relationship. You know, you've done it with staff when you've had people on your team, you go, okay, why does this work so well, but with another human being, it doesn't work. So. We've done this with two large teams where everybody seems to really work in a cohesive manner, but it's really what we're trying to do.

This is such a different intent of an event. We're not trying to compete with other events. We're not trying everybody goes, are you trying to compete with other, the other shows, not know this is what we think the industry needs a much different flavor of event. Now works.

One of the things I've liked about the health event I've gone to, since the first one in Vegas, way back when and the.

And it brings pharma. It brings the payers, it brings, , health tech, finance, feces, , private equity. , you get a lot of announcements at the, at the event. And, , I like that, that energy and that vibe, but traditionally the chime membership wasn't there. That's

correct. And matter of fact, we went to health just last year.

We've been the last three. , well we had small groups there. We've done some S some things. I think some of the more progressive digital health leaders are there because they're working with the startups, they're working with the investment community, PEs, venture, capitalist, that kind of stuff. But that's not your traditional market.

This kind of marries that together. And intentionally is exactly like health. It's also not exactly like anything else we've done before for health. It,

the, , the number one thing I've heard from people is they appreciate interacting with these different players that are here. The hosted buyer program has been.

Yeah, the hosted buyer program is interesting because you know, the last thing I, you know, bill, Hey bill, you like do some speed dating. Well, that doesn't sound fun at all when you think of it that way, but there's some pretty serious rules and structure to how this operates and it's very small sessions.

, most of the people that are on the, on the supplier side or whatever, , that sign up for this only sign up for a few. , it's not like you're going to get hounded for. But even if you're a provider, a CIO, you're whoever who participates in the program, you do, I mean up to eight for 15 minutes. So it's two hours of your life.

I've talked to a few of them that said I had no idea. This company did this. And a few of them said, it's actually kind of a neat way to get to talk to people. And you know, there's a timeline that you don't have to

sit for

15 minutes and I'm out of here if I don't like it, you know, kind of deal. So it seems to be like a really good fit health has done this for years.

So we've just kind of capitalize on their expertise.

Well, and I've heard positives from both sides. I've heard it from the vendor partner side. They said, you know, I finally got to sit down with, with somebody filling the blank and on the other side, because we don't like any habit. There was a year where, where they put CIO's underneath our badge and we had to walk through the, , through

the floor through the floor.

And that was worse even made it red. Yeah,

it was. That was hard. To a certain extent. If you're at a certain size health system, you just get hounded as you go through the floor. That was really interesting. And I got a lot of positives that, you know, 15 minutes very structured. I got a lot of information, very fast.

Cause those organizations know pay first five minutes. Tell me what you do, you know, why is it relevant to me? Where does it fit? And then essentially after that five minutes, you can go, Hey, do you know what? It's not a fit for us? How do you like the conference? How are things going? What are you seeing in the industry?

, that kind of stuff. And I've heard some people. I've made a connection with somebody who I think is going to benefit, you know, long-term my health system. , I, you know, the thing people are going to say to me is they're going to ask me, and I'm going to ask you success for the first year of doing this.

We to define some metrics, some ideas, some thoughts as we rolled into this. And, you know, I think I told you this when we were just chatting, , outside of. No, it wasn't two months ago with Omnicom, where there was doubt in our mind, whether we were even going to be able to pull this off or have to delay it.

And so we had some pretty, what we consider realistic numbers, goals, engagement, goals, those kinds of things, mainly really coming off Omni, Cron, and COVID, we blew past those. , and, and I think those are important as far as Mayo, the success of an event financially. Well, we're more concerned about, and we're going to do a lot of surveying and a lot of interviews and post-interview is, was it the right tone?

Was it right? Tenure? Was it the right size of, of a floor for this kind of thing? I mean, even the floor was completely rethought when you tell these boosts at other events that are, you know, 200 by 200, the biggest booth anybody can have. It was a 20 by 30 booth. I mean, you know how big some of the other buddies are things with two stories, you know, you tell these giant corporations, you get 600 square feet and they're like, I get what that's it.

And so it's a different mindset as we go through this. So the simple answer is we feel really good about what we built here that we can build on moving. But we're also going to do a pretty deep dive into this. There's a lot of things that we were like now I'll give you an example. We probably overcrowded the it's just too many things stacked up on each other.

People couldn't get around. They didn't get breathers. They didn't have time to network enough things like that, but it was also, wow. There's so many things we could do. We crammed it all in, so we'll get better, but we were also pretty darn pleased with this

week. So there's still a time. There is the same format is where you used to

always, always, and even hear the chimes spring them though a little bit different format was still just the spring exclusive forum for chime members.

And that will always be the case, the forum in the fall. Well, I will say it's going to be a little bit bigger and here's why it is our 30th anniversary. And we do do anniversaries a little big at chime. We try to invite as many of our legacy back to, and really try to make it super official. For, for people that have been around the industry, maybe retire for a lot longer.

So I think we'll have a little bit bigger crowd than we normally do, but it's still going to be in that thousand person range. And it'll be in San Antonio, one of the favorite locations of our members, , in November. And so we're looking really forward to that mainly because not do we also, you know, enjoy seeing all our current members, but one of those kinds of anniversary events, we get to see a lot of the people that have been around.

We bring all the past chairs of boards and all that kind of people back. It'll

be fun. And this. We'll be is already announced. So this event will be, it

is for next year. It is, I think it's third week of March in Nashville. What I'll tell you is as much as this has been a great place to hold this, we're really looking forward to Nashville.

They have rolled out the red carpet for us. They've engaged the entire healthcare community around Nashville. Everybody knows Nashville is kind of healthcare USA. , and so not only the provider organizations, but all the other entities there, including up to the mayor's office is embracing us coming. So super excited about Nashville,


I appreciate you not staying with the status quo, looking at how can we make it better, better as a what every CIO is being tasked with. And I appreciate you doing that with chime as well. All right. 📍 Well, I

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