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March 28: Today on the Conference channel, it’s an Interview in Action live from ViVe 2023 with David Levy, Vice President, & Angela Shippy, Senior Physician Executive at Amazon Web Services. What are the key problems AWS is trying to solve in healthcare? What do David and Angela see being a focus for the healthcare industry in the next 5-10 years? As we move outside the four walls of the hospital setting how can we bring technology in, and get data out of, other venues of care?

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Welcome to this week, health my name is Bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and creator of this week Health. A set of channels dedicated to keeping health IT staff current and engaged. Today we have an interview in action from the 2023 Spring conferences, vibe in Nashville and hymns in Chicago.

Special thanks to our sponsors on the, conference channel, which are sure Test, c d w, healthcare, Artis site and rubric for making this content possible and for investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders. You can check them out on our website this week,, now onto this interview.

All right. Welcome to the Vibe Conference, and we are having fun already at the Vibe Conference. I am joined today by two professionals who I really appreciate Dave Levy, head of aws government, nonprofit, and global healthcare business. Right Dave looking forward to the conversation. And Dr.

Angela Shippy, who is in charge I should say the lead physician. For cloud adoption with,

you had it

right? She's a charge.

Big charge. Yes. Absolutely. You had for, we just got off stage and we talked about a lot of exciting things. Dave, I wanna start with you. We talked about some of the key problems that AWS is trying to solve in healthcare.

Why don't you, Give us an idea of what those are.

Sure. And some of the numbers seem really large, but I think that's indicative of the power or the opportunity of the scale of cloud. , to be able to solve really large problems, to be able to do it with speed, to do it with resiliency and to tackle things that were maybe previously very.

To tackle. Yeah. And so for us at aws, we really think about how do we invent for our customers or invent on their behalf to take on their biggest problems. And in, a healthcare space, that could be the number of things. I mean, it could be Thinking about how to deliver a better patient experience.

It could be how to empower clinicians faster through artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how to just deliver better health outcomes overall for. Providers for clinicians across the board. So those are just some of the things we're trying to help with.

So as a clinician, Memorial Hermann hca, some others that whole idea of the healthcare workforce experience, how have you seen, have you've now been on both sides?

How have you experienced that at aws? Sure.

So at AWS we're constantly working on behalf of our customers and working backwards from what their needs are. So what that means is we're listening intently and then together, coming up with solutions. So right now everybody's very focused on how to make those experiences better for, just like Dave said, for patients, for providers.

And unlike in the past where you could focus on one group at a time, now you have to focus on everyone at the same time, which means you need the speed of what technology offers to be able to do that.

Well, I like the scale too. You talked about a couple of programs out there, we had some slides up with mm-hmm. talk a little bit about. The accelerator and some of the companies that are doing some really neat things.

Absolutely. So to help speed the process of getting those solutions into the hands of providers AWS has the accelerator for Workforce. And what that means is those startups will be working on solutions and they'll be using the velocity of the cloud to help them get those solutions into the hands of providers faster.

And because of the elasticity and flexibility they have in the cloud, they're gonna be. Scale up and down as they need and be able to optimize cost. Cuz it's really important to think about the cost of care as well.

You know, Outside of healthcare we saw this in our lives, right? We saw companies go to the cloud specifically to aws, and all of a sudden we're streaming movies around the world and you're like, what just happened?

And it's that kind of speed and velocity that we're looking at. But I want to talk a little bit about the cost problem. A lot of people in this conference right now are talking. about You know, how do we keep improving the quality of care and address the business challenges that are facing us?

What are some of the things we look at when we're talking about the cost of care and really, I don't know, bending that cost curve

Sure. Well, I think that's kind of some of the opportunity we have with Cloud. It gives you the ability to experiment and to do rapid experimentation on solving problems, how to.

Improve workflows. , how to deliver better insights. And so that ability to rapidly experiment and prototype , will give you the ability to find solutions to some of these really difficult problems without investing in really expensive infrastructure. In other words, let the cloud let AWS do the undifferentiated heavy.

lifting To find out how to innovate in healthcare.

Well, you guys are talking to thousands of healthcare and life sciences customers every day. Not every day, but across the, almost every day it feels like. But give me an idea. I mean, you're both at the executive level side. I want to get your perspective on what you think we're gonna see over the next five to 10 years in healthcare.

I mean, five to 10 years is like a lifetime at this point, given the acceleration of things.

Yeah, I think it's gonna be all about speed again. I mean, during Covid, every healthcare organization saw how fast. So they could move and cloud technology is gonna allow them to do that even faster.

was amazing, wasn't it?

Yeah. Like have you ever seen healthcare move as quickly as we did during the pandemic? That was amazing.

Not ever in my previous life. Things I did in the morning were different than what I did in the afternoon. That's how fast things were changing.

It was pretty amazing. Next five to 10 years in healthcare,

I think we'll see a faster diagnosis.

I think we'll see speed to delivery of health. It's everything that Angela said. I think things will move faster. We'll have better inferences, better predictions about what's going on, and clinicians will have better insight into what they need to do to deliver patient care.

Now, I'm gonna throw you a curve ball.

How is AWS gonna participate? It seems like healthcare is moving outside of the four walls. It's moving into the home, it's moving into a lot of different care venues and care settings. I guess I'll go to you, you cover a lot of the world. Yeah. But as a clinician how are we going to. Take the technology into that setting and how are we gonna gain, the insights back out of that setting?

No, that's a really good observation and that's exactly why the accelerator is so important. These new applications are gonna be built in the cloud and it's because they're gonna be in the cloud. They're gonna be quickly deployed. That's how healthcare is gonna be able to get to these other virtual care settings and other settings across taking care of patients.

Yeah. Fantastic. I want to thank you for your time and it was great to share this stage.

Yeah, it's great to see you, bill.

Thank you. Thank you, bill.

Another great interview. I wanna thank everybody who spent time with us at the conference. I love hearing from people on the front lines and it's phenomenal that they've taken the time to share their wisdom and experience with the community. It is greatly appreciated.

We also want to thank our sponsors who make this content possible and our investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders.

They are Shore Test cdw, healthcare, Artis site, and rubric. Thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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