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November 27: Today on the Conference channel, it’s an Interview in Action live from the 2023 CHIME Fall Forum with Bobby Zarr, Vice President of Healthcare at uPerform. As we delved into the many layers of the healthcare world, Bobby elaborated on uPerform's role in providing just-in-time learning platforms for clinicians, potentially reducing burnout and enhancing satisfaction. Bobby introduces the term 'burnover', which encapsulates the financial implications of clinician burnout. Could uPerform be a key player in addressing this crisis? We also touched upon the changing landscape of healthcare, with fierce competition and an intense post-pandemic recovery process. We also got a glimpse into uPerform's plans for the forum, the networking experiences, and the importance of making new connections. What are the roadblocks and opportunities in incorporating change in an industry already loaded with challenges?

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Welcome to This Week Health Conference. My name is Bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and creator of This Week Health, a set of channels and events dedicated to leveraging the power of community to propel healthcare forward. Today we have an interview in action from the Fall Conferences on the West Coast.

Here we go.

Alright, we are here at the Chimefault Forum with another interview in action. My name is Holly Russell. I am the daughter of a CIO that you might know, Phil Russell. And I am here with Bobby Zarr. Bobby, tell us who you are and what you do.

I'm Bobby Zarr, as you said. I keep getting my name right.

I am the Vice President of Healthcare Strategy for uPerform. uPerform is a just in time learning platform that enables learners to... Specifically in the EHR to learn while they're working and also helps them in those critical workflows so that they know what to do when they need to know what they do instead of in a classroom or having to call a help desk or get somebody else to help them.

So it's a great tool to reduce clinician burnout and increase clinician satisfaction.

That's wonderful and extremely needed right now, for sure. I feel like clinician burnout, I mean, it's up there with AI. It's sometimes.

I understand. We've actually coined a new term. We call it burn over.

Okay. Instead of burn out. It's a deadly combination of burn out and turn over. Because they really go hand in hand. And when you put it in that perspective, it's more than just an emotional reaction. That, oh, somebody feels bad. Somebody's tired. wants to do something different. Or they're, overburdened, overloaded.

when you call it burn over, it really adds that financial. Because turnover is a financial impact on an organization. It costs roughly 500, 000 to a million dollars to replace a physician. 45, 000 to 75, 000 to replace a nurse. So when you add those numbers up to it, burnout is a real financial crisis in healthcare right now.

Compounded with all the other things that they're loaded down with margin erosion in the marketplace. Coming out of a pandemic where we've lost a lot of the The changing landscape that we're faced with, with the payer competition, may call it, pay biters, who their payers are now competing for.

Those high margin revenue sources that hospitals used to work for. And then now they're left, they're certainly not attacking the uh, ED or attacking the indigent care. They're going after the high payers. Yeah. And that's really tough on hospitals. Oh my gosh, yeah, for


Well, it's fantastic to hear about what you guys are doing. What are you guys doing specifically here at Chime? What's going

on for you guys? We love Chime. We love the uh, events. It's a great networking. Of course. Number one thing is just, reconnecting, making new relationships.

We are also hosting a couple of events. I'm actually on a panel with Dr. Ct Lynn from uc Health. He's the CMI there. And also with Terry Koch, who is the CIO of the Guthrie Clinic. Yes. And they've been law. Long time customers of ours, innovators, help us drive our product forward, but more importantly they have a lot to say around innovation and the topics we're talking about, AI and burn over as we say out here of course AI seems to be what everybody wants to talk about as you said on there, we've got a lot happening in that space.

We've got a neat lunch meeting at a neat place called Meritage Tavern. Which I'm looking forward to. And then we've got a focus group. And the focus group, we've done a number of them with Chime. And it's a great way for us to, one, test our messaging.

Also confirm the needs of the industry. That we are on track with where we're going and what we're doing today. So it's extremely valuable. Rarely do you get a chance to sit down with thought leaders and folks like CIOs and the organization to be able to say, What do you think about this? Here's where we are.

How do you think this applies? So it's terrific for us in that regard. That's awesome. Yeah,

and building those relationships and understanding where they're thinking. Right now the CIOs, I mean, I've had to come... They've got so much going on. Not only AI and clinician burnout, but also running the organization and all that other stuff.

And so, getting that time is so valuable. Yeah, I'm really excited for you guys. I hope it's a valuable time, which I'm sure it

will be. It is. And, like I said, the reconnection is really important. The new connections, that's the other thing that happens in our focus groups is we rarely do we keep the same groups in.

Sometimes it's one or two of our clients in there. But for the most part, we like to have, new relationships, new thought, new thinking coming in. And it really does help us make sure that we're, tapping in what the market needs. Because, if we don't deliver with what the market needs, why are we even here?

Yeah, for sure.

Well, in those different perspectives, getting some information from a Terry Coutts versus somebody else who's in a completely different health system and knowing how Your solution can support, a large IDN versus a rural health system. It's a completely different process and it's so important to hear those different voices and build those relationships.

That's all great for you to perform. What about for you? Any fun things that you're going to do? I know CHIME has all sorts of different fun things that

we can do too. Well, the travel is so much fun. Yes, this is a beautiful resort too. My flight was delayed two hours in Atlanta because they couldn't, you know, I guess they have staffing issues too, right?

We didn't have a crew. So, I sat on the tarmac for two hours and finally got a crew there and got in about 1230 last night. So, I got here last night and got to circle around downstairs and people were still blowing and going. And, saw a lot of old faces, a lot of old friends and that was a good part about it.

So, that's really the biggest part. It's just a connection. CHIME does a great job of organizing the events. It's rare that you need to really go outside of the resort to do anything. We go to other conventions. a lot of times to socialize or to, have any entertainment, you gotta go outside the event.

Here, CHIME does a fantastic job of, putting it all together. So you got, one place to go to do it all. I mean, you got the entertainment, you got the relationships, the social events, and then you also have a lot of good information, great information for us. I'm, looking myself heading up our AI efforts and looking for where AI is being applied successfully, and where it's not.

Just was, great name drop here for you. Stopped and saw Helen Waters she and I, maintained a relationship over the years. And talking to her about what Meditech is doing in AI. Just great conversations that you can have just walking through the lobbies here.

But that's kind of what we're on focus is, AI has a chance to ameliorate a lot of problems in the industry. It also has a chance to exacerbate them as

well. Exacerbate and just create new ones.

Yeah, and when you talk about the burnout or burn over one of the things that we're learning here is how to streamline change and to make change easier and more effective.

That's one of the greatest burdens that we put on our clinicians and caregivers is the pace of change. And we implement change a lot of times and it's not... It's not effective, or we didn't get the input from the clinicians. It's not communicated well. They don't understand it well. Right. On there.

And adding on to their burdens already with, the who moved my cheese moment. Right. It's hard. Yeah. It really is. And trying to see the best practices and what other organizations are doing well, and then where they're struggling. Yeah. Yeah, for

sure. Well, Bobby, thank you so much for your time, and thank you at you perform for what you guys are doing for the industry.

Well, thank you so much. Thank you!

Another great interview. I want to thank everybody who spent time with us at the conference. I love hearing from people on the front lines. It is phenomenal that you shared your wisdom and experience with the community and we greatly appreciate it. We also want to thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders.

They are CDW, Rubrik, Sectra, and Trellix. Thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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