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Insights on a Post COVID World with Providence Innovation Group

October 16, 2020: Is your goal to drive best in class patient digital experience? YES. Then Providence Digital Innovation Group’s Insights Reports are a MUST read for you. Joining us today is one of the authors Matt Cohlmia, Executive Director of Digital Strategy. Topics include Mitigation: Managing Trust & Safety, Industry Consolidation Disruptors and Scalable Behavioral Health. Utilize the brain power and thorough research from Providence’s Marketing, Ventures and Digital Teams. What are we looking at in a recovery phase from COVID-19? How can we address consumer fear about coming back into the hospital? Do you think the innovation in value based care is going to come from the payer side or the provider side? How far along are we in the remote monitoring stages and where will we be in five years? 

Key Points:

  • Health solutions for people who are vulnerable and don’t feel safe [00:09:05
  • COVID revealed a fundamental disconnect in the way that healthcare is paid for [00:10:35
  • Maybe we don’t need to go back to the office at all? [00:16:50
  • Is industry consolidation still moving at a snail’s pace? [00:17:40
  • Big tech in the insurance space [00:20:35
  • The next movements in telehealth [00:22:45]


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