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The Health Evolution Forum has put out a document on increasing vaccine uptake in diverse communities that is worth a look.


Based on early data from 26 states, Black and Hispanic Americans are getting vaccinated at approximately half and one-third the rate of white Americans respectively. This is true even after controlling for the demographic makeup of health care workers, who were first in line to receive the vaccine. Meanwhile, Black, Indigenous, and (other) people of color (“BIPOC”) are contracting COVID-19 at nearly twice the rate, being hospitalized for COVID-19 at nearly four times the rate, and dying from COVID-19 at nearly three times the rate as white Americans. 

Disparities in vaccine uptake stem from both lower confidence in and less access to the COVID-19 vaccination.


They go on to layout a 10 step process for Healthcare CEOs to address this challenge. 

Click to access 2021-Forum-Increasing-Vaccine-Uptake-Diverse-Communities-CEO-Guide.pdf

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