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May 7, 2021: Today is a very special episode. It’s our 400th show. How far have we come in healthcare IT over the last three and a half years? Tess Kellogg, Director of Marketing at This Week in Health IT joins Bill to celebrate the insights of our incredible community of contributors including David Bensema on telehealth, Dale Sanders on architecture, David Chou on ransomware, Tressa Springmann on Apple Health, David Muntz on handling talent shortage in IT and Ed Marx on life, death and everything in between. You’ll also get a behind the scenes look at building up a podcast from 28 downloads to over 250,000 in one year alone. What were the conversations in 2018, 2019 and 2020? The pandemic was tragic in so many ways. And yet for healthcare it seemed like it shocked the system in a way that it needed to. The healthcare industry has achieved things over the past 12 months that were never thought possible. 

Key Points:

  • There’s no way the average American can understand pricing and what they're getting themselves into when they walk into the hospital [00:17:25
  • 2018 will be known as the high water mark for reimbursement for healthcare [00:22:10
  • 2019 was “Grow to Greatness” [00:22:24
  • 2020 was all about clear focus which led to digital transformation [00:32:30
  • What the pandemic really catalyzed in healthcare was external pressure [00:37:50
  • 2021 is about 21st Century Cures, information blocking, AI and machine learning [00:40:50


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