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Truly great talent isn't rare, but it isn't common either. Talent that can help transform an industry has to be able to think creatively, engage with courage and confidence, and be able to rally people with thoughts and ideas.

Today I cover how one organization tapped into a talent pool for their health system with a seemingly new model.


Last month, the senior executives at Naperville, Illinois-based Edward-Elmhurst Health, a three-hospital, 736-bed system in the western suburbs of Chicago announced a long-term strategic partnership with the consultants at the Naperville-based Impact Advisors, a leading healthcare consultancy providing strategy, operations, revenue cycle, and technology services

"That’s exactly it. The Impact Advisors people are embedded in some of our committees, such as our innovation committee and our digital transformation group; they have access to our strategic plan; they’re interacting with all our senior executives; it’s a long-term view" Goldberg

"We’ve almost become an adjunct management team for them" Smith


I can't speak to this deal specifically but I'm wondering does your health system have the talent required to remain relevant in what has become a fast paced dynamic environment.

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