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March 12, 2021: Dr. Karen Murphy, Chief Innovation Officer at Geisinger recently gave a talk at the HIMSS Accelerate Health Series on the four lessons healthcare systems learned going through the pandemic. Flexibility, boosting digital tools, using more data and reforming healthcare payment models. These lessons were learnt at lightning speed. Can health systems sustain this pace? What can leaders do to enhance the long-term wellness of their staff? How will we expand our use of data to drive a higher level of care? How far can we take remote patient monitoring? What strategies will health systems be focusing on in 2021 and beyond?

Key Points:

  • One lesson we’ve learned is the importance of data to drive decision-making and the advantages of predictive analytics [00:07:20
  • It's crystal clear that the fee for service system we're all living under is abysmal [00:07:40
  • There’s 3 focus areas in digital strategy. 1. The care delivery model. 2. The consumer area of making the journey easier to create better health. 3. Leveraging digital and bringing down the total cost of care. [00:17:54
  • It’s no secret that part of the success of these lessons was focus. Everyone was aligned with one goal. To protect patients, communities and employees. [00:09:52
  • Will telehealth get back to the peak levels experienced during the pandemic moving forward? [00:15:20
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