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Houston Methodist Center for Innovation Update from VP of Innovations and IT Operations

November 12, 2021: When the pandemic hit, we redefined what it meant not to deliver care but to access care. Todays guest is Michelle Stansbury, Vice President, Innovation and IT Applications at Houston Methodist. How does Houston Methodist approach innovation? What are they doing in the fields of voice recognition, vaccine tracking, customized MyChart and texting technology? How have they accelerated their partnerships with AWS and Epic? And what elements need to be a part of the culture to support the work of innovation?

Key Points:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:15:50 - When the pandemic hit, we knew that virtual medicine was going to be absolutely necessary, especially when we shut down all of our clinics.

00:19:30 - Patients’ preferred mode of communication is texting

00:20:20 - Well Health and Care Sense platforms

00:25:50 - The future of healthcare is voice

Houston Methodist


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