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I know, it's not a new topic, but it is a persistent topic. So we look at the next leader looking to tackle healthcare.


Today in health. It, we take a look at bringing outside perspective to healthcare by hiring from outside of healthcare.

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All right. Here's today's story. The story is from fierce healthcare and it is from Amazon to new balance consumer brand exact spring outsider perspective to healthcare. Massachusetts based health system. Wellforce recently appointed its first ever chief consumer officer tapping an executive from a well-known sneaker brand.

All right, christine Madigan joined the health system to lead marketing and consumer engagement. Wellforce announced in January, she comes from new balance athletics where she led the global marketing and brand management organization.

Madigan was attracted to what she termed the challenger brand because of its nimble innovation strategy and its mission to help people live healthier. I can't imagine a more purpose-driven culture than that. She told fear self care. As a marketing veteran from consumer products, Christine understands the importance of envisioning and building services around consumer needs.

She will be a great asset and improving and modernizing the way consumers engage with the health care industry. David Storto wealth forces,

eVP chief strategy and growth officer. Right? We're seeing those come together an awful lot these days. , the move comes amid a rising trend in healthcare executives source from outside the industry. And then particular from consumer brands to lead innovation strategies for yourself care spoke with several. So who have been in their roles for years.

They agree that while there are many transferable skills. There's also an advantage to being an outsider. There's an advantage to being an outsider. We're going to go into that in a minute. ,

anytime you talk about this subject, you hit on Aaron Martin who came in from Amazon. To Providence in 2016. ,

He goes on to talk about bringing the patient focus. What we call the Amazon customer obsession to Providence was the key. , Madigan goes on to say society is bombarded by healthcare marketing messages.

She wants to drive some simplicity into the process while the system. It's built to provide reactive acute care Madigan sees preventative care as just as important and a crucial part of facilitating that is establishing

not only awareness, but trust in a provider, every detail matters in what you communicate in an experience. And for organizations that don't innovate somebody else's going to disrupt us to drive innovation. At scale, Martin sees a disciplined strategy as a key at Amazon that looked like picking an area to impact and measuring the value of closing that gap. Applying that to Providence Martin worked with the clinical team to discover patients. In need of low acuity care. We're going to other providers instead of Providence. So Providence launched express care, offering virtual appointments to recapture those patients and establish continuity of care.

All right, like Madigan Navantia, chief digital and transformation officer Angela Yocum, who will be on our keynote show coming up here in a couple of weeks

who has held chief information officer roles at Rent-A-Center and BDP international believes passive care is not enough to eradicate health inequities. We've optimized for fixing things. She said of the healthcare system. I'd like to see that healthcare industry become more engaged continually.

We need to understand our patients beyond what their condition is. She added referring to social determinants of health

in retail. We used to say that customers shouldn't have to shop our merchandising organizational chart. Said pat. The manna Kaiser Permanente's chief digital officer who transitioned in 2019 from chief product. And experience officer at home Depot to streamline how patients navigate an already highly fragmented healthcare system. Kaiser starts with the patient and works backward when developing digital experiences.

A challenge in healthcare. Feminized acknowledged is the lag in data around healthcare outcomes. Whereas in retail results are immediately visible. Healthcare is less straightforward. We have to develop workarounds to get directional information while waiting to see results. He said the transformation of the sector won't happen without diversity of thought and experience Yoakam said.

It's less about hiring from a particular sector and more about hiring from all over. ,

those people will have seen the potential for consumer engagement and we'll be able to apply. What we know to be possible. You'll come said without those outsider insights. In the insular sector, you create an echo chamber because you respond to problems in the same way. Here's my, so what on this.

I've been a proponent of this for years. In fact, I was a beneficiary of this. , in my last CIO job in healthcare, I came from outside of healthcare. And the CEO. Essentially said, we're looking for somebody with ideas from the outside. , I believe in that, I believe in diversity of thought, I believe that, , this will continue to be something that we should embrace. If you're a traditional CIO, you've come up the CIO channel and you think, oh, all these outsiders, I would embrace this. I would embrace this as much as you possibly can.

If I'm maybe not in one of the executive roles, but I'm in a different role. Within the, the staff of the it organization,

I would see this as an opportunity. There's going to be new muscles being created within your organization.

As these new ideas come to your health system, they require different technologies, different approaches. They require engaging the consumer in a different way. They're crier digital platforms, new analytics, new tools, AI ML. And so there's just great opportunity as an industry advances, there's more and more opportunity to be in created not only for you and your career, but also for the community that you serve the next time. You're a patient looking back in, you're going to say this is so much better.

Because we have so many different perspectives being brought to this and we're developing new muscles in how to reach the community. We're increasing the amount of touchpoints. With the patient between each visit. So that we know how they're doing on a daily basis and hopefully someday we'll get to that point.

Where with my car today, I have all these things that they are proactive on. They will call me and say, Hey, your car is having a problem. Well, I'd like to get there with my healthcare. I would like my healthcare provider to call me up and say, bill or noticing an anomaly. We would like to see you.

And that is, I believe the future of healthcare. And that's what we're hoping for. Is that these new ideas from the outside, coupled with the strengths that we already have within the healthcare system can come together. To create a better overall outcome for the patients and for the communities that we serve.

All right. That's all for today. If you know someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note. They can subscribe on our website this week or wherever you listen to podcasts, apple, Google, overcast, Spotify, Stitcher, you get the picture. We are everywhere. We want to thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders, Gordian dynamics, Quill health tau, site nuance, Canon medical, and current health. 📍

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