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What would you add to the job description for the next Cerner CEO? They may not be asking, but let's go ahead and give them anyway.


Cerner Corporation on Wednesday announced that it will begin the process of looking for a new chief executive officer, more than three years since current CEO Brent Shafer succeeded the health IT giant's late founder Neal Patterson.

As for Cerner's ongoing electronic health record projects with the U.S. Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Schafer said he was optimistic about both.

The DoD is moving "full speed ahead" on its MHS GENESIS deployments, he noted.

As for the VA – which recently launched a strategic review of its EHR modernization program – Shafer said VA Secretary Denis McDonough has made clear he is "committed to Cerner and this program. We believe this review is analogous to the steps taken by the DoD during their initial go-live.


I believe that Cerner needs to change its culture and focus on the core business. Sure, there will be growth in new areas, but the core has to be strong to enable that growth. What are your thoughts?

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