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September 9, 2020: Today we talk ‘virtual care platforms’ with Rachael England and Matt Lambert from HealthNXT. There’s a million point solutions around telehealth, remote patient monitoring, virtual hospital, virtual physical therapy etc. Clinicians can often have two dozen logins and apps. How do we orchestrate and knit together all of the virtual health options to create a one stop shop platform? What’s the best roadmap? What leadership and operational changes need to be made? How do we enhance both the consumer and clinician experiences around it? 

Key Points:

  • The core foundational philosophy should be all around the experience of the user [00:05:20]
  • Give your patients a singular experience [00:05:40]
  • In terms of development of the product, we have to really question, why are we so behind in healthcare? [00:08:15]
  • It's not just the patient portal, it’s everything else around it [00:10:45]
  • How do we extend outside the four walls of the hospital? [00:19:10]
  • Cost avoidance tips [00:25:00


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