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March 12, 2020: This is the second virtual panel discussion, and in today’s episode, we explore how the cloud has changed the way healthcare can deliver disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. Our distinguished panelists are Dr. Stephanie Lahr – CIO and CMIO at Monument Health; Rick Bryant – national healthcare architect at Veritas Technologies; and Josh Peacock – healthcare solutions advisor with Sirius Computer Solutions. Our three guests each bring their unique perspective to the conversation about shifting to cloud in the face of disaster recovery, sharing about the different opportunities with cloud, the benefits for health systems big and small, and what the expectations are for business continuity in this environment. They talk about the importance of having a prepared, easy-to-implement strategy, the steps for transitioning to a cloud system, and the obstacles they can expect to run into during implementation. Tuning in, listeners will also hear what the technology stack needs to look like and what kind of applications will be most important for getting the DR cloud strategy up and running. 

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • The different elements that play into opportunities with cloud options for disaster recovery. 
  • An overview of the benefits of the cloud for health systems in the context of DR. 
  • Considering the cloud from the perspectives of regional hospitals and large health systems. 
  • Navigating the expectation of business continuity in the face of disaster recovery. 
  • The importance of having a reliable, quick DR solution with clearly defined details. 
  • Doing a business impact analysis (BIA), tiering the applications, and other steps to set up the cloud DR system. 
  • The obstacles that health systems will have to overcome to operate in the cloud. 
  • The new skills required, including understanding automation tools, storage, and networking. 
  • How the processes for DR are different in the cloud. 
  • The need for conversations with legal councils and insurers in rolling out cloud strategies. 
  • What the technology stack needs to look like to deal with the transition to the cloud. 

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