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March 18, 2020: Our guest for this episode of our series on COVID-19 preparedness is Stephanie Lahr from Monument Health, who has generously agreed to spare some time to share what she and her organization have been doing in the last weeks to combat the outbreak. Stephanie explains how her area of South Dakota has not actually been touched properly by the virus as of yet, which has allowed some time for extra preparation, a luxury that others have not had. We chat about the stringent measures they are taking in regards to the community and providing information and support for staff and the public. The conversation also covers personnel at Monument and how they may bring in some outsourced help in certain fields, especially those in which there might be overflow at the moment. We chat about communication with vendors, the uncertainty of the future and how to go about keeping energy and spirits up with such long and straining hours. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The ways that Stephanie and her organization are helping the community around them. 
  • Regions that Monument Health is servicing and the nurse triage line they have set up. 
  • Keeping track of personnel and looking after the healthcare professionals. 
  • The possibility of bringing in outside assistance in areas such as IT.
  • How Stephanie is approaching conversations with vendors currently and her expectations.
  • Dealing with the uncertainty of the current moment; Stephanie's measures for her staff. 
  • Daily meetings and making sure everyone is on the same page and has the agenda. 
  • Keeping morale and connectedness up in these socially distanced times. 
  • Recording important and helpful information for better access and dissemination. 

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