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Graphite A Creative Partnership to Remove the Friction in Innovation for Health Systems

Healthcare is scaling digital through partnerships.


Graphite Health, a member-led company intent on transforming digital health care to improve patient outcomes and lower costs, launched today and announced its first three organizing members, SSM HealthPresbyterian Healthcare Services, and Intermountain Healthcare. Modeled on Civica Rx, a health utility company, Graphite Health will focus on health care interoperability challenges.

Building on a common data language, Graphite Health is creating a standardized, interoperable data platform that enables a secure and open marketplace to streamline the distribution of digital health solutions for both health systems and entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs, the common data language addresses inefficiencies in data translation and supports the development of plug-and-play digital applications. In turn, health system members can implement trusted digital tools as easily as anyone can download an app from an app store to a smartphone. These improvements will lead to more convenience, better quality care, lower costs, and overall efficiency.


This is a very real problem. The app store for healthcare has been talked about since Steve Jobs stood on a stage all those years ago and made "app store" a common term for everyone. Graphite is solving the right problem with an interesting business model. I'm excited to see where this one goes.

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Today in health, it leading health systems launched graphite health. A new member, led nonprofit company to accelerate digital transformation. Of healthcare. Interesting model. Can't wait to share it with you. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system. And creator of this week and health, it. The channel dedicated to keeping health it staff current. And engaged. This week, Thursday, October 7th at 11:00 AM. Eastern time, we have a webinar and it's going to be a fun one, and that we are going to get up close and personal with a ransomware event that happened last fall. And that is sky lakes, medical center. Their CIO is going to be on. And he's going to be sharing some of the details before, during and after. we're also going to have the CIO for a Santa's health system. Lee Milligan on the line as well. And the reason he's going to be honest because they are the community connect host for sky lakes, medical center. So he's going to talk a little bit about how he experienced it. And we're going to have Matt Sickles cybersecurity first responder. For serious health care on the line as well. And he is going to help us really look at the entire industry and how we as a whole are responding to ransomware. So looking forward to that event, if you want to be a part of it, We would love to have you there just go to this week, Even if you can't make it at 11 o'clock on Thursday, go ahead and register. And we'll send you a link to the recording. As soon as it's done. All right. Let's take a look at this story today. And it is, as I said earlier, leading health systems launched graphite health, a new member led nonprofit company to accelerate digital transformation of healthcare. So there's a lot in that sentence loan. We're going to break it down. Let me start with some excerpts, graphite health. A member led company intent on transforming digital care. To improve patient outcomes and lower costs launched today and announced its first three organizing members, SSM health Presbyterian, healthcare services, and Intermountain healthcare modeled on Civica RX. A health utility company, graphite health will focus on healthcare interoperability challenges. So this article is actually coming to us from the graphite health. IO website. So it's going to be a little more fluffy than we're used to. It's not a news story. They're not just giving you the facts. So. It is what it is, but let's start with where we're at. So we have three founding member health systems with the intent to grow. You have SSM health out of, St. Louis Presbyterian out of New Mexico, and you have Intermountain health care. And they are all apart of Civica RX. there's some connections as well, the SSM CEO used to be at Intermountain healthcare. So there's some connection there, there's some history and there's also a whole bunch of other companies that are associated with civic RX. That our potential partners. In this model. So we're going to go on. Building on a common data language, graphite health is creating a standardized interoperable data platform that enables a secure and open marketplace. To streamline this distribution of digital health solutions for both health systems and entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The common data, language addresses inefficiencies in data translation and supports the development of plug and play digital applications in turn. Health system members can implement trusted digital tools as easily as anyone can download an app from an app store to a smartphone. These improvements will lead to more convenience, better quality of care, lower costs, overall efficiency, and they didn't use experience, but they should have used experience in that sentence. Because it will improve the experience overall. All right. So this has been the holy grail for healthcare for a long time. We've heard a lot about different app stores and you have app orchard, which sort of looks like an app store, but it's not really an app store. You still have to do. A fairly sizeable project. Once you purchase something from app orchard, this is going one step further. And I find it interesting. That what you're looking at with Intermountain, you're looking at a Cerner client with Presbyterian. I'm almost sure if not SSM, both. You're looking at epic Clyde's. So you're looking at a platform graphite, which is being written on top of the EHR. That's going to provide a common language to streamline the interoperability, standardize the way that the data moves in and out. And if you could do that across those two platforms, Cerner and epic. In a way that functions well, And then you can watch apps. From an app store that can function on Cerner or epic. And I would assume eventually you'll add a Meditech and the others that are out there. this could be pretty interesting. Let me go on a little further. The digital revolution that advanced every industry in the world missed healthcare. Sit Dr. Reece Robinson, CEO of graphite health and chief innovation adviser at Presbyterian healthcare services. Right now when a hospital wants to adopt new innovative solutions, it is hampered by overly cumbersome processes that can require years to implement graphite health will offer a true paradigm shift to deliver on the promise of lower costs and faster integration of solutions that significantly improve patient care and experience. While still maintaining the highest privacy standards. So that's the vision. Right. Now I have no, all of us are saying, prove it show me, and that will come. They will have some reference clients. Well, there'll be the reference clients. And they'll create an app that works across multiple health systems. And that will be exciting, but this is the vision. Right. So graphite is actually a great name for this graphite health. Because it is taking the friction out of bringing new applications into your health system and implementing them. We know that that process can be incredibly burdensome. All right. It goes on fundamental to graphite house. Vision is the digital Hippocratic oath, which I'm going to cover in a different episode because in and of itself is pretty interesting. Which brings the healthcare industry's core calling into the 21st century and serves as the ethical coppice that guides all operations, including their approach to data, sharing, integration and technical processes. As I said, I'll cover that on a different show. It's an interesting foundation to start from. Okay. so I touched on the challenge that they're having a little bit, this is going to go into more detail. Here you go. There are numerous digital solutions on the market, but it's currently difficult for healthcare systems to adopt them. Health systems spend up to two years on average implementing new apps. Negotiating the contracts and evaluating the security protocols alone can take more than six months. This impractical process means systems have to fully commit to the adoption. Of new digital tools long before they can make meaningful use of it. Graphite health will overcome these challenges through the collective power, scale, knowledge and commitment of its health. Some members think about that. Okay. So that last phrase is very telling and we're seeing more and more business models launched this way. The collective power, scale, knowledge and commitment. Of its health system members. So we'll talk about that. And the, so what the promise of digital transformation to reduce human suffering is too big to quibble over definitions in silos. It is a collective problem that requires collective action said Carter dredge lead futurist SSM health. We're addressing this market failure through a novel utility model that spreads the costs and efforts across a broad set of like-minded stakeholders. So everyone can lift together so everyone can benefit. All right. So it is that utility model. Healthcare is scaling. They're scaling through partnership. In order to build out a digital foundation in a digital future. Again, we'll go into that in the, so what graphite health operates as a nonprofit company and its governance structure also prioritizes purpose over profit. Again, it gets into some fluffy language here. it goes on to talk about their board of directors, which has representatives from, the usual suspects based on the health systems that are involved to date. And I imagine that will expand. As you add. And then they have an interesting board of advisors, a niece Chopra. Who's been on the show, former chief technology officer of the United States, president of care journey. And a evangelist for interoperability and anything having to do with. empowering the patient through interoperability and getting that data freed up so that it can empower the patient you have Matthew Davy, chief strategy officer for Kiva Selene, grounder MD, CEO, president, and founder of just human productions. And you have a couple other and really good group. You have a former chief security officer for Aetna. On it as well. So good group of people. Good advisory board. Good start with the health systems that they have, and I'm really kind of bullish on there. So I'm looking forward to it. Here's my somewhat, keep an eye on this business model. We've talked about it with Civica RX. And when it came out, I said, this business model has legs and we're going to see it launched with more and more things. And so you saw it not only launched here, you saw it with Civica. You also saw it with Truvada. You see a lot of health systems coming together. Healthcare is scaling digital through partnerships. Okay. So think about that. If you're in a role where you can make these kinds of decisions, you can join a partnership that is solving a problem that your health system has, or you can launch a partnership as well with like-minded health systems. The second thing I would say is that they're not wrong. They are addressing a long standing problem in healthcare. And part of what keeps it complex and costly, bringing innovative solutions especially digital solutions into healthcare can be expensive and time consuming. And quite frankly, repetitive, you're doing the same thing. Every time you bring in another solution into your health system. Some startups struggled to get over this hurdle and some quite frankly fail before they can get over this hurdle. If this is done, right. It is an opportunity to really unleash the creative and entrepreneurial flood gates for digital innovation. I wish them the best of luck. And I'm going to be keeping an eye on this one. I'm really interested to see where they go and who they add to the team. That's all for today. If you know someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note. They can subscribe on our website this week. Or wherever you listen to podcast apple, Google, overcast, Spotify, Stitcher. You get the picture. We are everywhere. We want to thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders. VMware Hill-Rom starboard advisers, McAfee and Aruba networks. Thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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