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Google Care Studio Making the Clinicians EHR Experience Better

Google Care Studio sits above the EHR layer and strives to make the clinicians experience better.


When applying this approach to Care Studio, Google's solution for bringing health records together, we designed the product around a few key principles that put clinicians first.

First, we wanted to make the time spent between doctors and their patients more valuable, productive and human. Second, we wanted to avoid the temptation to build something that was only incrementally better than was available since we understood that clinicians not only had information overload, they had an overwhelming number of tools as well. And third, we wanted to imagine, with clinicians, how to present information in a meaningful way.

One way we hope to address tech fatigue and skepticism has been to build a tool that could demonstrate value immediately. Drawing on familiarity, setting expectations on workflow changes and solving clinically important challenges can go a long way in providing value quickly.

Pretty much every clinician is familiar with Google Search, and they know it just works. By designing our product interface around the familiar Google Search bar, we could tell clinicians that this is something they already know how to use and it will just work and help you find what you're looking for.


I can think of some use cases, the most obvious is a clinically integrated network.

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