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Getting to 80% Vaccination will Require a Marketing Overhaul

So what is the problem with our marketing?

Our message is confusing. We have the wrong messengers - many of which have chosen to side with political objectives which are divisive in today's environment, and we have don't speak with respect to certain parts of our community. 

But let's get real for a second, we aren't answering the buy questions. People want to know why to buy coke and pepsi, and they want to know why to get a vaccine. Because we said so is the worse way to get a child to do something and it is even less effective with adults. Because the science said so is not much more effective. Answer the question, when will I get to stop wearing a mask? When will I get to go on a cruise or walk through Disney Land without a mask? How much of my normal life in the pre-COVID era will I be able to retain? Don't look down your nose at this, understand that this is how marketing has worked for centuries. Consider it the science of marketing and it's not going to change. Now, solve the problem at hand. figure out how to get 80% of America Vaccinated.


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