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April 25: Walk the floor with This Week Health. Check out the booths you may have missed at the spring health IT conferences. In this episode we feature:

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Hello and welcome to From the Floor on our conference channel. Last year as my team and I walked the exhibit floor at one of the fall conferences, I realized two things, many health IT professionals could not make it to the conference because of travel restrictions or busy schedules, which is also true right now.

And there are many excellent healthcare solutions who were at the conference and they were ready and willing to share their. About how they plan to help propel healthcare forward. We have short conversations with the vendors in their booths and we ask them to tell us what problem they are trying to solve in healthcare and how they're going about doing that, and hopefully give you a taste of what it's like to walk from booth to booth.

We'll try to capture as many of these as we can and share them with you. So we hope that you enjoy the new series. Special thanks to our sponsors on the, conference channel, which are sure Test, c d w, healthcare, Artis site and rubric for making this content possible and for investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders.

And now from the floor.

up. First we have a digital cloud faxing solution.

Good. All right. So who are you and what is your

role? So my name is Bevy Minor and my role at Consensus Cloud Solutions is I am EVP of healthcare strategy and policy for the company.

Beautiful. So what does Consensus do and what solution do you offer for healthcare?

So consensus. Our blank ship product is a digital cloud faxing solution called eFax, right?

We've been around for 25 years, but we all know that faxing is not paper fax, mind you. So I wanna, reiterate that, is that we are a digital cloud faxing solution. Even as a digital cloud faxing solution, you've got unstructured data, right? So unstructured data, a PDF scanned images, we don't care what you wanna call unstructured data.

It could be a TIF image. It's not intelligent data. It's a document and somebody has the data, enter that, and somebody has to put some workflow into it. So we decorate that data, we make it insightful, we make it intelligent through a product called Consensus Clarity, and then we can structure that all the way through to the receiving end, and it can be consumed in a system without a human having to enter it and.

That's really our message is that we are transformative interoperability and we're not leaving the little guys behind. We understand that this is a receiving problem. Interoperability is not about the sending problem. All the regulators in the world can add anything they want to. Here's how you have to send something, but it takes two to clap.

So two hands to clap. We have to think about it from the receiving side, and that's what our customers expect us to do.

Beautiful. Fantastic. So who, at a health system, what role would you like to have a conversation with and what do you wanna talk to them about?

So We manage both on the IT conversation.

So CIOs at hospital systems are trying to solve this problem with. Technology. But when you think about what nurses are doing today, they're data entering that's not at the top of their skillset, right? We have burnout. We have workflow issues that are causing our clinicians today to go. All they wanna do is treat patients.

They didn't get into the business to sit there and type in a whole bunch of demographic information. So when we talk to the nursing or the clinical side, they see how our solutions can speed time to treatment. When you speed time to treatment, you have better patient satisfaction, you have better physician satisfaction, less burnout.

All of that equals better health outcomes, and that's what everybody is trying to achieve.

That's wonderful. Are there any specific success stories or case studies that you'd like to share with our audience?

Yeah, so one of the interesting things, and you probably have heard a lot about this, is the. Prior authorizations have in our system today, it's a 32 billion problem.

And it really is a life-saving issue for patients because we're all patients today. How many times have you, the MRI has not been approved? What are you talking about? I mean, why can't I just, you know, fast to treatment? And that delay is a lot. Manual. Authorizations are being sent in fax.

Authorization requests are being sent in. The payers have stacks and stacks of data that they have to enter. We fast track that because we make that data structured so it can be consumed by the payers. Utilization management systems faster. We even recognize urgent when it is written on a prior authorization fax.

The physician says, this is urgent. I have a patient that needs to be seen in a chemo bed like tomorrow. That information gets digitized, it gets accepted in their systems, and the payers can actually, they can move that along a lot further. So that's one of my passions cuz I have stories about authorizations and I'm sure a lot of your audience does too.

I really am hoping that we. Can solve that problem and we can actually bring faster patient treatment, which means everybody in the system is gonna be satisfied and healthier.

That's wonderful. Well, thank you so much. I look forward to talking to you

more. Well, thank you.

Second, we have an active archive


an application rationalization solution.

 All right, so who are you and what is your role?

Hi, I'm Jim Jacobs. I'm the Chief Executive Officer with medicon. Beautiful.

And what is Meta and what solution do you provide for healthcare?

Mewa is a leading provider of active archiving solutions and application rationalization solutions.

We started in the space in 1999. Been having a lot of fun ever. That's

awesome. So we speak mainly to health system leaders. Who at a health system do you wanna have a conversation with and what would you like to talk to them about?

Sure. Our primary buyers are people in the office of the cio, although there's a huge group of people who are very interested in what we do in both in the finance groups, h i m.

As well as on the personnel side, cuz we also archive e r P systems. But the CIOs are typically the group that are the ones driving the projects. They're the ones that are responsible for the data assets. And we'll work with them to work on roadmaps of what do you rationalize, which things do you archive win?

But we're always in involved in conversations with other groups as well.

Beautiful. And then the last question for you, is there any case studies that you have or would like to. Or success stories?

Well our most recent largest win was with the Department of Defense. So we are doing all of the DHA facilities nationwide.

That is wonderful. Well, awesome. It was great to speak to you and we hope to hear from you again. Thank you.

📍  all right, we'll get back to  our show in just a minute. We're excited. We have a great webinar for you in May on May 4th at one o'clock Eastern Time. It is part of our leadership series on modern data strategies in healthcare. In this webinar, we're going to explore data driven approaches to healthcare and how they can improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency and reduce cost, which are also critical at this time.

In this juncture in healthcare, our expert speakers will explore data governance, analytics, strateg. anything that can help healthcare providers gain actionable insights from healthcare data. We would love to have you there and we're excited about it. You can register on our website.

Just hit the leadership series, modern Data Strategies. It's gonna be in the top right hand corner of our website this week, you can discover how we are going to use data to be more efficient, effective in the modern healthcare system. we would love to have you join us again.

Hit the website this week, Top right hand corner. Sign up today. Hope to see you there. Now back to the show,

📍  Up next, we have a digital form workflow solution to help forms navigate through the health system. 📍

 perfect. So what is your name and what is your

role? Yeah, I'm Desiree Paoli and I'm the director of product marketing here at Interlace Health.


And tell me about Interlace Health. What is the solution you provide for

healthcare? Yeah, we have a couple different solutions, but primarily we are taking digital forms and.

Creating the workflows to help navigate those forms throughout the hospital and healthcare systems. So right now if you go into a hospital and they hand you a clipboard and a piece of paper, you have to take all that time to fill it out and then sign it. And then on the back end someone has to scan it in and shred it and we get rid of all of that paper and that pushing the paper through the process.

By just creating digital forms, pulling the electronic health record information for each patient directly into the form, capturing that electronic signature and then auto archiving it back into the form. So we can do it in patient registration setting. We can do it in consenting before procedure. We can even do it for clinical trial consents.

Wonderful. Yeah. Awesome. So what role at the health system would you like to talk to and what is the conversation you'd like to have with them?

Yeah, we target a lot of the IT department, so cio. VP of it, but also sometimes patient engagement compliance. IM departments, anyone who's dealing with the issues related to paper, whether it's the quality of the information that you're capturing or you know, filing that information away so that you can build the patients.

We are often talking to those leaders who are. Feeling the strain of paper and you know, missing information, delayed surgeries, the high cost of paper. So many hospitals have staffing shortages right now, and we help to automate the process so that you can actually reduce the number of people that you need to push that paperwork through.

So we're really talking to them about how can we help you automate things. Things easier for your staff and put patients ahead of paperwork.

That's wonderful. Last is, are there any case studies or success stories you'd like to share with us?

Yeah, we've got a couple different ones, but Steward Health is one of our bigger customers and they are using us for e-signature registration and they were actually able to show that they could reduce over 50.

Im staff members across their entire national organization because an IM staff member can spend up to 19 hours. Just scanning in forms and then shredding them and then archiving them away. And so by implementing our solution, they saw that they could reduce two staff members at each location. And in this case, we're not talking about actually reducing their down three or four staff members.

So we're saving that unnecessary time. So across the nation, if you can imagine repurposing 50 staff. Time to actual patient care instead of paperwork. The impacts are huge.

Yeah. That's amazing. Well, thank you so much. Yeah, thank you. It's so nice to meet you. Nice to meet. Talking to you more. 📍

 Up last, we have a networking security solution and the world's largest private security cloud. 📍

 Awesome. Alright, so who are you and what is your role?

I'm the regional director for healthcare at Zscaler.

Awesome. And Zscaler, tell me about them. What is the solution you provide? Healthcare.

We provide networking and security for the world's largest healthcare organizations and we also run the world's largest private security cloud, 150 locations around the globe.

Beautiful. So who at a health system, what role would you like to have a conversation with and what would you like to talk to them about?

What's so interesting about what Zscaler brings to the table for healthcare is we have something to offer just about everyone. So if you're interested in increasing your security posture, We can speak to the cso.

If you're interested in driving up operational excellence and driving down cost, we can talk to your CFO or your coo, right? But really what we do is we make your environment more secure by preventing people to come onto the network and access applications our private security cloud.

So, I'd say a cso, a cto, a cio.

Beautiful. And do you have any use cases or success stories you'd like to share with our audience?

I'd say what we do really well is driving down cost and driving up your operational excellence. So at the end of the day, we want to increase patient outcomes, which we do by providing better access, more stable access to your critical applications.

But we also increase the time it takes to bring on a new organization into yours. So m and a for us is big because when you bring on a new hospital, they have a lot of disparate applications or applications that they've tweaked to kind of fit their need, and it's difficult to pull them into the fold and manage those applications from afar.

We don't care what the application is. And so when you bring a new hospital into the fold, we broker that connection for you. So no matter how complicated it is, they're not coming into your network. So you manage it. We put an agent on the device and an agent on the application and they go straight through our Zero trust network to that application and back.

That is wonderful. Well, thank you so much Bryce. I appreciate it so much and you have a wonderful conference and we look forward to seeing you again. Thank you.

 What a great group of healthier partners. We want to thank them for spending time with us from the floor. And sharing their solutions and their aspirations for supporting healthcare it. I wanna thank them for talking with me, with Holly and our team


the floor. We also want to thank our sponsors who make this content possible and our investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders.

They are Shore Test cdw, healthcare, Artis site, and rubric. Thanks for listening. That's all for now.


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